New Construction

Many new homes today are built to prevent Radon from entering the foundation. Some states even require builders to incorporate Radon resistant construction features. If you are building a new home or are a builder, it is a good idea to discuss these options with Advanced Radon Control, as it is more efficient and less costly to install either a passive or active system when the home is being built, and makes it easier should Radon reduction be required later on. These features, though effective, still may not entirely reduce Radon levels to below the EPA's approved standards, so even if your home is built Radon-resistant, it should still be tested after occupancy. In addition to decreasing the risk of lung cancer due to high radon levels, incorporating Radon-resistant features in a newly constructed home or commercial space has other value-added benefits such as:

  • Increasing energy efficiency, saving money over time
  • Reducing humidity, odors or mold
  • Preventing leakage of other natural gasses from the soil
All of our installed Radon mitigation systems carry a 100% warranty on parts and labor for five years.


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